Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Internet Protocol

Unlike TCP, IP is an unreliable, connectionless protocol. IP doesn't care whether a packet gets to it's destination or not. Nor does IP know about connections and port numbers. IP's job is too send and route packets to other computers. IP packets are independent entities anay arrive out of order or not at all. It is TCP's job to make sure packets arrive and are in the correct order. Abd mout the only thing IP has in common with TCP is the way it receives data and adds it's own IP header information to the TCP data. The IP header looks like this:

Diagram 8

Above we see the IP addresses of the sending and receiving computers in the IP header. Below is what a packet looks like after passing through the application layer, TCP layer, and IP layer. The application layer data is segmented in the TCP layer, the TCP header is added, the packet continues to the IP layer, the IP header is added, and then the packet is transmitted across the Internet.

Diagram 9


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